Spectrum Messages (2013)

In a dream, I saw a black ballgown embellished with amazingly bright rainbow designs; it was to me the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. But I woke up and it was no longer real. This piece Spectrum Hearts was made in order to bring that dream gown back to my reality. Inspired by the magic wrap skirt, I was dedicated to bring two patterns into the dress which can be switched around by how the dress is worn. In the white spectrum pattern, there are many hidden messages formed by the colors of the printed design that I could not believe my eyes.

Upon completing Pattern (b) in a mirror repeat, I spotted numerous crabs and crown-wearing frogs that did not exist in the original pattern swatch. Crabs can be considered a symbol of love in my family. When I make the heart symbol with my fingers, the resulting hand shape appears like a crab. Crown-wearing frogs do have a deep personal meaning for me as well. In terms of dream interpretation, seeing a frog would mean “a potential for change or the unexpected. The frog may be a prince in disguise and thus signify transformation, renewal, or rebirth.” With my faith in Jesus Christ, I found comfort and amazement in these new discoveries as I was really depressed about my work for the duration of many months before.

Exhibited in the Foundation Exhibition, MICA: Pinkard Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2013.